Plans for the Bárd-brothers’ House, 1906
Budapest, XIV. Ilka utca 44.

The Bárd brothers, who had commissioned the interior design of their music shop in 1900, had a villa planned by Lajta in 1906, which, however, never got constructed. The plans can be considered a variant of the second version of the plans for Dezső Malonyay’s villa, but the many corresponding details (roof terrace, ground floor bow-window with a terrace on its top, high roof with gables and gambrels etc.) in this case create a much more disconcerting general impression.

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Available material

Planning drawings

BFL_IV_1407_b III_1237_906_01BFL_IV_1407_b III_1237_906_02BFL_IV_1407_b III_1237_906_03BFL_IV_1407_b III_1237_906_04BFL_IV_1407_b III_1237_906_05BFL_IV_1407_b III_1237_906_06BFL_IV_1407_b III_1237_906_07BFL_IV_1407_b III_1237_906_08BFL_IV_1407_b III_1237_906_09BFL_IV_1407_b III_1237_906_10

Written sources

01_BFL_IV_1407_b III 1237/190602_BFL_IV_1407_b III 1237/190603_BFL_IV_1407_b III 1237/190604_BFL_IV_1407_b III 1237/1906

Afterlife of the building

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